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Well hello there. I see you have somehow stumbled upon my blog. I'm Alexys. Trigger warning. Please don't hate me. You're beautiful, don't ever forget that. Please put the razor down. Please eat something. Please be strong.

Last self harm: unknown
-Last bulimic episode: unknown


When I was in fifth grade I was having a sleepover with my two friends. It was about 11 pm and the room suddenly went cold. It was a summer evening so we thought it to be the AC. We layed down on our backs and then something caught all our eyes. I turned to the crucifix in…


I feel like coming into the skeleton clique is like walking down a dark scary hallway and opening a door to find a bunch of people in floral print with plates of cookies and balloons all looking a little bit lost, but very happy to see you. 



Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant



i can only handle so much socializing until i get tired and start getting irritated towards everyone and want to go home and sleep or lock myself in my room and go on the computer


i want someone i can be all stupid and cute with but then like have passionate rough sex with ya feel






The importance of consent: a narrative.

I will forever reblog this gifset.

look at how badass she is though i mean some of it gets on her too and doesn’t even give a fuck

She pours hot liquid on her own leg she’s that badass.

fire cannot kill a dragon.